Carol Lantis

I am a Brazilian born, Charlotte, NC based designer who sees the world through a unique pair of eyes and a brilliant imagination. My illustrations are marked by dreamy landscapes, fantastic creatures, organic convolutions and an abundance of color.

Although I am most passionate about making unique illustrations, my range of work goes much further: from type treatments to branding, from print collateral to Flash animations, and a lot of craziness in between.

Because I have an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn new things, I am always perusing all things creative, which make my designs consistently intelligent, relevant, and masterfully crafted with sharp attention to detail.

My passion goes beyond creating innovative solutions to design problems. I also love to help others become innovators so they can bring about change for good.

Finally, other things that make me happy include: vintage shopping, hand-making things, reading novels and watching movies with my husband, and recording our music as a husband-and-wife band.